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In which parallel dimension is The Witcher 3 an RTWP game? The number for DOS 2 is higher it's around 3.5 million for Pc alone and BG3 will be a AA with a huge license game so sales will be even higher. DOS 2 alone was one of the highest-grossing games on Steam for 3 years! They made more money than most Action RPG more money than most Action RPGs!
Pathfinder doesn#t even appear in that list it simply didn't make enough money
So stop pretending like turn-based RPGs aren't outselling RTWP ones it is simply wrong.

Wrong. Swen himself was asked about this in an interview last year and he laughed and asked the reporter where they were getting their numbers from because Larian did not make anywhere near that kind of money or sell that many copies of D:OS2. Then he went on to confirm that sales (at that time) were a little over 1.5M, so I am extrapolating that to about 2M now. To compare D:OS2 to major AAA ARPGs is downright laughable but feel free to keep at it. It only flies on this forum.