Well, if it becomes a real-time gameplay, then there should be a reasonable game flow or at least in the options it is scalable for the game type.

I like it when I have long real-time battles like an old school MMORPG.

So I get continuous damage, but still my HP bar does not jump like stupid immediately to 0. Instead, you can assess the damage and, in real time, use healing spells with magic time, as it is in an MMORPG.

Likewise, enemies get slower damage and, as I said, do less to the player / group. So that the fights there are just longer, but there is still a good flow of play. So you can bring magic times in and do not have to have these stupid cooldowns on many talents.

In addition, a better different gameplay and feeling can be integrated for the individual classes.
Now that the fighting is more linear and you have time, you can also get involved in mechanics that are otherwise hardly possible.
So a barbarian can also get angry and then reduce it via styles. A shooter aims for a while and slows down the bow etc. so that it looks more like a real shooter.
Mages and healers have magic times and can also use dot spells better, or druids have heal over time, which then also works very well and is a good alternative to the direct spells of the cleric.

In addition, you can also very well incorporate AI behavior so that the group appears realistic and the NPCs appear so that they really have their own soul, will, and combat experience.

Furthermore, the worlds can also be limited directly with the strength of the mob. Because you will very quickly recognize in the course of the fight that it is better not to go here, because you had to suddenly do everything for a simple enemy in a border fortress to defeat him, but it is clear that you are still too low for this zone is and you will die ..

I am not a fan of HP ping pong, where enemies do massive damage and you only need pause buttons and drink potions. This is silly and disturbs the feeling of tanks and healers etc.
It is also unattractive when enemies die too quickly and somehow you get nothing.

Well balanced gameplay is much better there ..
Actually, the good old MMORPGs do the best.
You just have to transfer this sensibly into the single player games and not make it too heavy on action.

Above all, you could then leave it to the players via option switches how they want their fights.
Short and crisp, or longer and more manageable.


The situation is different with turn-based RPGs.

Here the basic concept is completely different and the gameplay is absolutely decelerated anyway.
Depending on the round of things to do, wizarding classes mostly benefit, but the dynamics draw much more from melee classes.

How do you want to convey a real feeling of rage when it can only be seen otpically through rounds, but is not conveyed through the gameplay?
If I build up anger in real time and then combat styles can be selected from certain rage levels onwards, and then I let the anger flow into actions and damage, it has a rousing and dynamic effect in real time. You can never convey that in turn-based combat, but in the end you choose such a class in order to stand out from other melee fighters.

I also like turn-based RPGs like the DOS series, so it's not ..
But if we also have real time, the break portion there should be narrowly limited to the really fat boss fights, where one intervenes here and there in the actions of the AI-controlled group members.
Although that would not be necessary even there, if you implement it sensibly and the AI ​​can be controlled well by adjustable tactics, etc.