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Any updates on desktop Linux support due to planned Stadia work, or no new info about that?

We haven't gotten any news about the game in months and you ask about a version for an operating system no one uses?

Your remark is indeed most likely flaming, but if you don't understand how, I'll clarify.

1. I didn't follow any news on the game lately, so how would I know that "We haven't gotten any news about the game in months"? Assume that the fact that I'm asking, means that I don't know. This alone should have prevented you from making your remark already. If you want to convey the fact that there were no news in months altogether, just say so, without expecting everyone to know that.

2. Linux is used by many gamers today, so your remark can be seen as ignorant in the best case, and as trolling in the worst.

Okay, maybe I should have said that in a nicer manner sorry for that.