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the chinese should be forbidden from creating fantasy art...

I'd be happy if their government would stop pursuing an Orwellian dystopia on a global scale.

I cant tell u how much i hate the government, it bind the government and the party to the homeland to abuse people's patriotism. Not to mention the despicable behavior that they loot resources from Africa just like old Europe,and great scale corruption. Many many officers purchase villa in Los Angeles(Beverly hills,Santa Monica ) and Canada.

To be fair, Africa's biggest issue is its demographics i.e. totally unsustainable population growth (it is a huge food importer) which is now spilling over to other continents. Low-trust societies that are plagued by incessant tribal warfare and have never invented the wheel or a written language are very easy to take advantage of (unfortunately, general intelligence is about 50% hereditary according to Plomin's research iirc so not everyone can be an astronaut without changing the population's breeding patterns that is) but I agree with you that their resources are not essential to our survival. Frankly, it's too much trouble if we're supposed to be their caretakers in return. Who's going to put a stop to China's ransacking of the continent, you might ask? The West is morally bankrupt and its elites firmly believe greed is a virtue. Heck, if I recall France is still extracting resources from there. Don't forget to make lots of popcorn because there are no brakes on this train apparently. grin