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Lies...more lies

I'll breakdown a few
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"Muh realism" meme,

Give proof realism has become the industry-standard aesthetic in armor and weapons.
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Dark Souls armors are BELIEVEABLE, yet not realistic

Bucket-helms are helmets from real life. Armets are helmets from real life.
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"muh realism" is a blight upon the fantasy genre and recent trends like game of thrones (Despite not beeing realistic at all) have facilltated this

You admit GoT is not realistic but simultaneously reference GoT as evidence realism's in bad taste. These premises contradict. Given the truth: GoT's armor designs are not based off real-world armor; they can't be an example of designs based off real-world armor.
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Also it is ridiculous to equate WoW with "fantasy" style.

WoW is not only a fantastical (meaning not based on anything from the real world) art style, it has become the default aesthetic for fantasy games.
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The Warcraft style is outdated ... from a bygone age

WoW's age is irrelevant. WoW's pertinent because it's the most influential art style on the gaming industry in the fantasy genre.
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The Warcraft style is non existant in contemporary fantasy,

A flat lie. Most games with fantasy characters like DOTA or LoL or [choose a chinese or korean mobile game] are approximate to the anime -> Joe Maduiera -> Samwise style.

What games do you have in mind when you write, "contemporary fantasy"?
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The Warcraft style is...a strawman

A strawman argument is when someone invents a bad position, attributes it to the other party, and dismantles it, in an attempt to convince the audience the bad position belongs to his opponent and trick his opponent into defending (and thereby adopting) a weak premise.

Warcraft's art style is real. I didn't write, "WoW is Sordak's favorite art style". I wrote, ~"WoW's art style became the default aesthetic in fantasy videogames".
It sounds like you enjoyed For Honor and Dark Souls and have conflated them with your vaguely-defined personal aesthetics. You don't like WoW and so want to disassociate it from the games you like. It's disruptive to attempts to analyze objectively to bring-in the baggage of your subjective preferences. To say in essence, "I like [Game A]. I dislike [Game B]. I like [Art Style A]. I dislike [Artstyle B]. Game A must have Artstyle A because I like it. Game B must have Artstyle B because I dislike it."

You and I both don't rate our games entirely by how they look. I can say there have been games I've played which looked great -but sucked. I have played other games which looked fugly -but were great fun. I am sure you would agree with me, you have lived the same experience.

There were fun silly parts in the Divinity games. Wearing a literal bucket for a helmet made the game more amusing. Little goblin-guy with the cartoonish-big bomb in the first game was also entertaining.

Please don't misunderstand me. When I say, "realistic" I don't mean, "serious" as in no-fun zone. Larian has made lighthearted fun fair in the past. I'm sure Baldur's Gate 3 will have its' lighthearted fun and we will both enjoy it smile


As for what women wear, please don't misconstrue my enjoyment of real-world armor as advocacy for dressing women as men. I appreciate the confusion because people who do advocate such a position know it's indefensible and so couch their meaning in, "realism" as an agreeable-sounding euphemism to trick the unwary.

In real life men fight wars. A depiction in-touch with reality would therefore not include women in combat roles. Mordhau again offers an example of realism.

Liars will disingenuously pretend normal men and women are an assault on the features of a fantasy setting which depart from real life: magic, monsters, etc. The naked truth is such deviation from the default functions as a means to convince people of the lie the sexes are interchangeable. As Bernays might say, if a statement is repeated continuously, through videogames, youtube, netflix, spotify, etc. then a % of the population will become a chorus parroting this statement regardless of the veracity of the statement.

Instead of repeating such a line, I say the same here and now as in the Re: Art design for female characters thread
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Which game does Larian want to sell like?

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