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I think it comes down to choice, bikini armour shouldn't be blocked from the game, but it should also be optional with other choices available. The problem really only arises when one side forces their taste on the other.

I agree, fwiw. It's less clear-cut when it comes to deciding how much of what gets doled out as random gear to NPCs etc but in saying that I'm moving the goalposts a little. In terms of how people dress their characters I don't see why any of it should be a problem.

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And I get what your saying about young men having more endurance, but I chalk that up to by young men being used to being shit on more by society and villified and so psychologically resilience develops and/or crushing depression.

I think that both are true. Certain elements of society do love their villains, whoever they may be at the time. IME the overwhelming majority pay no heed and take people how they find them, but it is hard to ignore the movers and shakers when they have loud voices and influence.

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