Ok .
>Gibe proof
im saying its a blight on the genre, not that its the standard, definitly veering into that direction tho and im not jus ttalking about video games but also TTRPGs where that trend rears its ugly head.
See Mordhau, See PoX , see PoE, see the Gothic remake attempt. Even witcher to a degree
Of course its hard to pin down tripple A fatnasy RPGs because there havent been any made in quite a while.
In TTRPGs you have to observe the scene realy.

>Your argument contradicts itself
it doesnt.
Part of my point is that "Muh realism" people have no idea about realism whatsoever.
>Dark Souls Helmets are real helmets
and this proves my point.
Dark Souls armor is believeable, not realistic, those pieces existed... kind of. But not with those proportions, not with that ornamentation, not with those deformations.
Mordhau meanwhile attempts to model stufff 1:1 on real life replica or stuff that still lies around, making it look boring and out of place because it doesnt actually looks used but like a bunch of museum pieces strapped together.

>Warcraft style, DotA, LoL
So three completley different artstyles are the same?
Just because its colourfull and you dont like it doesnt mean its the same thing.
Porportions are different, the way armor is presented is different, even the colour scheme varies greatly between those three with LoL beeing the closest to warcraft but actually beeing much closer to a mixture of a Marvel cartoon and Korean stuff.

yeah you wrote "WoWs artstyle has become the default"; thats wrong, its a lie. Show me a tripple A video game that came out with that style.
Show me an MMORPG coming out after Wildstar with that style.
The last normal RPG with that style to come out was Amalur, and that came out before Skyrim did IIRC.

>For Honor Darksouls, you conflate thigns yadda yadda
I like For Honor and Dark Souls specificalyl because their styles do this very thing.
Remain believeable while not sticking specifically to realism
Witcher goes into this with the design of major characters, but tries to stick to renaissance aesthetic a lot.

>I dont rate games for how they look
I do, artstyle is important.
just like "Muh realism", "Muh gameplay" is just as much of a meme. Its a combination of both.
A game that plays like crap can look great but will still fail, see Ryse son of rome.
A game that plays great but looks like ass will still not gain mass appeal. See Dwarf Fortress beeing a cult classic but still basically a niche title, while even a minor visual upgrade (And mechanical downgrade) like Rimworld can make a one man developer quite rich.

>Mordhau offers an example in realism
Pretty sure mordhau added female characters in a patch.

Honestly i think the same applies to IT as applies to Video games.
Back when IT was a thing for nerds. ONly nerds did it.
Both men and women can be tech nerds so the split was 50/50
Now IT has become an important business branch and are in high demand, lots of men gravitate towards it because... well because men gravitate towards technical jobs with logical applications.

The same is true with Video games, tho i dont think video games were adopted by women early.
What im saying is. The kind of game that a Fantasy RPG is, appeals more to typical male interests. Which is violence, heroism, progression, risk taking and so on.
Fantasy RPGs are based on Tolkien and Tolkiien based his works of Norse and Anglo Saxon sagas who in many cases were stories about men who did manly things liike kill things and kill people and plunder towns and fight other men.
They inspried young men to be warriors.
Now they inspire young men to be warriors in front of the PC.

These same stories always appealed to Women.
but they didnt appeal to ALL women. They appealed to a higher percentage of men than women.
This is not a bad thing.

its not that women "Dont play games". Its that less women play games.
Its a fact. Women primarily play Mobile games, because that appeals to them more.

No ammount of pandering to women will get those woment aht were never interrested in Fantasy RPGs to like fantasy RPGs.
And if you tried to do it, you dont do it by desexualizing women.

You do it by adding Hot men to it.
I certainly know a few women that liked the Witcher TV show because it had a Burly hunk in it

>Women in comabt roles etc.

Hard Agree.
but its a fantasy setting and Forgotten Realms started out as the literal "Magical Realm" of a sex positive hippie.
Its not a Hema LARP setting

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