I am hoping for no class restrictions, meaning do not turn it to charge for certain classes. Offer them all from the start. or at min 90% of them. I have no issue paying for character slots, and some extra races, skins, clothing, hair….etc… I just hate when games charge for classes.

A big thing for me is character development/ uniqueness. Please customize like no other the PVE side. I do not need doppelgangers running around…look that’s the 6th Acrobat Halfling Thief with a pogo stick in black leather armor, and a ruby brooch. I want to see good characters, evil characters, don’t give a rats butt characters. Rich characters poor characters etc... I want to develop an alter ego. Not meta character following a standardized build. Make us make choices that develop, open doors, close doors, restrict, open up new horizons as we go. If I have a character that is .015 % chance of an exact clone then I would be happy.