etonbears well you prove my point there dont you?
I wasn ttalking about the ENGINE but about the DESIGN.
Infinity engine games (and other DnD games of old like ToEE) feature random encounters (not all infinity engine games do IIRC, but most)

That assumption is what i responded with.
Saying Turn based combat s too in depth and cumbersome for a combat heavy game implies that a game is "combat heavy" by having lots of combat.
Like the infinity engine games do.
The original sin games are very combat centric, but actually dont have a lot of it compared to many other CRPGs, theres no respawning enemies in those games and no resetting encounters.
Hence every encounter is more like a puzzle, or like a setpiece encounter in a DnD campaign.

THAT was my point. That someone suggesting that this combat system is tiresome, clearly hasnt played the games to the extent where they realize that such tiresome encounters arent part of this developers routine.
Simmilarly, you played Cyseal and Luculla forest so maybe this hasnt occured to you, either that or, like some people i know, you brute forced the fights rather than utilizin all tools available to you.
Which is why i think you came to the conclusion that the combat is, quote, "Repetetive".

Ive heard numerous complaints about OS combats but it beeing repetetive certainly was never one of em.

On Charging: i actually made a mistake there, 5e, again, proves to be a terrible Edition of DnD and i simply forgot because i played a Barbarian and had the Charger feat last time i played that system.
In older editions of DnD, chariging was a basic action that anyone could undertake in which you could move up to your speed (in one direction, towards one enemy) and make a basic attack. This could be done by anyone.
This rule specifically existed because of the scenario you discribed. Or to avoid it to be precise.
Now 5e is a System that tried to get rid of "rules bloat" and then introduce the same crap but with a hefty feat tax, because fuck martials.

1. the TB mode came out later
2. Pathfinder has a massiveley popular TB mod

Idk. I get your argument for continuity.
I personally dislike RTWP but i wouldnt mind it because its a staple of the series.
But realy its not that great a combat system and i wouldnt bother to see it go.