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well good to know beamdog has one fan.
Only the political parts of dragonspear were also badly written and stupid.

I for one dont play medieval fantasy RPGs so an NPC gives me a half on hour lecture that boils down to "its ma'am"
Dragon age also did this.

Also yes, a combat system is part of the financial success, sure witcher showed us that it certainly isnt the only reason, but for a CRPG its a big part, since combat is essentaly the biggest part of CRPG gameplay

No, not exactly a fan but that's a long story.
That's a succinct way to put it. "Lectures" as you say are indication of poorly thought-out writing. The storyteller doesn't have to take anyone's side of the argument, they only have to provide exposition and allow the player to act on it. What Beamdog did was insert political correctness into BG, which obviously didn't sit well with lots of fans but that's not the only way to go about it.
All I'm saying is that while combat has a major role to play, most people will not quit over unintuitive combat if the story and remaining aspects of gameplay are any good.