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So what do we learn out of this? making an RTWP game with a big budget in a western country is financial suicide, Larian won't be dumb enough to make such a mistake.

I honestly don't even know how you can claim such nonsense, seeing that Baldur's Gate is considered to be the holy grail of CRPGs, sold millions of copies and put Bioware on the map.

Not to mention that Dragon Age: Origins was marketed as a spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate and also sold millions of copies, even more than Original Sin 2, despite it not even having multiplayer.

Also, the new Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Kickstarter is already extremely successful less than one day in. Not surprising, seeing that Pathfinder: Kingmaker sold almost one million copies. It probably would have sold even more if it wasn't so buggy at launch.

That all said, RTwP is probably "financial suicide" in your household, but not in the rest of the world.