Well, the bottom line is that Owlcat has pulled the rug out from under developers being able to hide behind the lame excuse that having both will be too much cost/work. If Owlcat, a very small indie studio, can do it, others can do it too - and especially others with deep pockets like Larian for example. So all the studios out there developing TB cRPGs refusing to consider adding a RTwP mod will now have their true motives exposed, which is: "All RTwP games must include a TB option for them to be considered good games. But a TB game does not have to include a RTwP option because it is perfect just as a TB game." This is the true mentality of the pro-TB crowd. All the talk of "why not have both?" comes up only in the context of forcing a RTwP game to add TB, but never for a TB game to add RTwP. It's rank hypocrisy.

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