It is normal for a developer to be fully dedicated to the combat system they choose and make it as fun as possible. Owlcat Games essentially told fans they aren't completely committed to their own RTwP combat system, so I also felt obligated, although somewhat remorseful, to cancel my pledge. $100 to start wasn't much, but it could have been more.

The funniest thing is that their decision to appease to the vocal minority of turn-based advocates did not pay off at all. Pledges just continued to drastically fall during the mid-campaign slump. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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For the record I support BG3 having both. We will hopefully know what it is on the 27th.

Not gonna happen. Swen has said they will support one combat mode or the other and not both, which makes perfect sense. This two-track approach of supporting both TB and RTwP in one game is just dumb.