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Why do so many gamers still think games make themself or grow on trees.? frown
Why is it so hard to understand that time is a resource in game development? Devs who work on an additional combat system cannot create content. Even trying to make sure that combat systems are balanced and bug-free is simply impossible and shouldn't even be attempted at all.

Actually, that's not the most reprehensible thing about gamers in this day and age. Offshoring, crunch and paying developers peanuts so the former can get their latest fix just in time have plagued the industry for a while now. Sometimes I find it hard to sympathize with people on both ends of the industry's pecking order. Should I feel bad for the CEO who won't be able to afford a brand new speedboat this year because of low earnings? Maybe I should feel sorry for the code monkey who doesn't dare to speak out against crappy corporate policies or the low industry standards because that would be freakin' socialism and besides, wage slaves are better off than unemployed slaves. I don't know, I can't say I have a dog in this fight. Regardless, your point is simply a spin on time and resource management which could be applied not just to combat but virtually every other feature characteristic of a video game. You can play DQXI in both 2D and 3D modes and it doesn't appear to have affected the game's quality adversely judging by aggregate review scores.