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Just a little over a week until we find out how smart.... or dumb... Larian is. smile


I've actually began to think about how graphics heavy the game will be. Obviously the dragon at the end was a cutscene, but that much mocap has me wondering if there will even be any isometric...

what IF it isn't isometric? it's a witcher like 3rd person game? well then both RTwP and TB fans can argue no more *chuckle*

Swen has already stated in an interview that the camera system would not be the same as D:OS, so you can probably assume that it won't be axonometric, or not exclusively so. Many games, including later D&D-based games used selectable and/or gamer-controllable camera systems.

I don't actually understand why there is any assumption that BG3 is in any way limited by previous D&D games or previous cRPG games or Larian's previous games. Swen founded Larian because he wanted to make great video games. D:OS was the result of analysing where a small company without many resources could produce a profitable product, but that is not necessarily a comfortable place to stay, and not likely to be where Larian WANT to stay.

You can read what Swen has said in various interviews in a variety of ways, and twist it to support what you want to be true. From the snippets in the teasers we have seen, clearly the production quality has taken a huge leap upwards, and the game is much more ambitious than Larian's previous games. It is encouraging to me that the studio are self-published and driven by a desire to produce the best game possible until they run out of money, but that still tells you very little about what they are aiming for.

We'll see soon enough which of the game's preceding influences Larian consider most important.