Just made a new account (dunno what happend to my old, but nvm).

Larian as a very very old Baldurs Gate Fan i am just very ! disappointed.

This is not baldurs gate 3 what you are showing. This is DOS 2 Clone with even the same char-creation and ships in the beginning?
The camera is also not rly good again, again a horribil turned-based fighting system..IN BALDURS GATE ?! Are you kidding us? Please....start again from scratch. This is no baldurs gate and will never be, sorry to tell you.
Even the music is not fitting for baldurs gate world ( thou its not bad) and the graphic design is TOO colorfull and bright too.
The maincharacter have only indirect dialoges, except in cutscenes ? Also an immersion-killer for me.

I will not buy it, im still disappointed from dos 1+2 and now dos 3 (cough bg 3-rippoff) will not be better. You had a huge chance to make something great, but this will not hype baldurs gate fans, im sorry. ( sorry for my emotional posting, but its just my disappointment)