As a BG fan and somewhat of a Divinity fan I would prefer to have either options or real time with pause. I would also prefer if there was an option to play with classic ruleset instead of Larian's idea of good for cRPG (no offense, they are very much right in regard of mainstream audience that is not familiar with cRPG at all).

I just don't want to play Divinity spinoff with all same gameplay. I love Divinity for what it is, but I also love BG for what it is. I would not want one to replace the other.

Also I really do hope there will be no crafting and randomly rolled stats like in Divinity. I really would prefer loot to be the way it was in BG, also hopefully no "leveled" loot. Or at least an option to not have any of that.

I'm hoping it will be as faithful to the original games as possible.