Yeah, BG 3 definitely needs to be able to be played in RTwP.

This reveal is so incredibly disappointing. Larian gave off an impression that they were a studio of integrity and talent, but here they've sold-out and are proving themselves to be a one-trick pony that doesn't have confidence in themselves to do anything other than their D:OS formula. I guess that the mask has come off. They had a one-hit wonder and don't believe in themselves enough to do right by another series' needs.

Buying a license for Baldur's Gate was pointless for Larian. They're just doing fan-service to D:OS fans with it. This means they'll be losing money due to WotC taking a big cut from their profits, while they aren't serving the fans of BG and will just have people upset with them. They would have had just as much attention if they'd made another D:OS game - which is precisely what it appears they have been doing.

Calling this game Baldur's Gate 3 is a lie. And Larian is hereby shown to be without integrity or courage, showing that they believe themselves to be a one-trick pony studio without the talent to do something different.