I dunno, I wouldn't say I'll be angry if it turns out to be more Divinity and less BG. I'll just be disappointed and will very likely just skip. Can always go for another BG1-2 playthrough, or play smth like Pathfinder - which is not the same universe, but delivers on similar cRPG real-time combat.

To be honest I didn't have high hopes when it was announced, because I definitely saw the probability that they will be too afraid to deviate from DOS formula, or that they will not have manpower to make something that would really be next level. And that's not even on them - industry proved time after time that resurrecting old titles usually turns out bad either to shoddy quality and lack of effort, or due to new developers not understanding what "faithful to the series" means.

I'm cautiously looking forward to the new Vampires: The masquerade, but I won't be too surprised if some stuff like this comes up closer to the release (aka "we are toning down on rpg element, it will feature 1 skill tree and action gameplay").

I hope the build they shown was old and they do have real time combat planned and more strict PnP ruleset. But if it's not there I won't mind just skipping another IP resurrection attempt.