Is it feasible to have RTwP and Turn Based as options? I've played most of the D&D games that have been made, and I'd love to play BG3, but turned based is not something I'm going to play because, aside from being a colossal waste of time, it breaks the illusion to see these guys just kind of standing around shifting their weight from side to side or running in place while one person/monster attacks. Maybe they step forward to make their attack and step back. Then the next person steps up and does their little dance and goes back to their designated spot. I'm sure it works well for RTS but it's unsuited to Dungeons & Dragons. And no, even after Temple of Elemental Evil was patched, it still sucked precisely because it was turn based. Even games like Eye of the Beholder 2 had real time combat (without pause), which was still better than turn based.