Does no one remember how bad RTwP pause is? Can anyone name an RPG that has this system, where the combat is actually good?

None, of the Infinity Engine games had good combat in my opinion. In fact it is generally the only thing people agreed was a negative aspect of those games.

PoE and Tyranny suffer because of RTwP. POEII is better with TB due to being actually able to chain abilities and use support skills/spell effectively. Sure this is subjective, but the fact that all skills and abilities can now be used properly confirms that in terms of being able to play the character(s) you created TB is the only viable option.

Dragon Age is one of the best examples of the RTwP system being ok, but its filled with trash mob fights, and only works because of the almost TB implementation. You can't play that game effectively with RT, you need to constantly pause, making it essentially a TB game in all but name.

Fallout 3... well as much fun as VATS was, it is a compromise and it make real time useless, and there lead to playing it as TB almost required. FO4 proves how bad VATS is when you cant stop it, and 76 nails the point home.

KoTOR. Maybe the best RTwP combat system ever made. And again its because it leans of TB roots, and combat sequencing that is essentially TB in execution.

RTwP is inferior in any party based game. You limit control, reduce the ability to use your skills, spells, and abilities, and rely on automation which weakens agency.

The only reason to want RTwP is if you want to speed up the game. And if that's the case then play an aRPG like The Witcher series, or Skyrim. These are also great games, and seem more in line with the experience people want to complain about the lack of RTwP.

The Gold Box games (Pool of Radiance, Curse of the Azure Bonds, Secret of the Silver Blades, Champions of Krynn, etc) clearly demonstrate how much better DnD combat is when it uses rounds/turns.

For DnD TB is the only logical option. As much as I love BG (as you can see below), the move to TB is the most welcome change, even more than the graphical upgrade.

If you like RTwP, I get it and I am sorry that you're unhappy. But it's been 20 years and much has changed. Complaining about it not being in the game, would be akin to complaining that thac0 is no longer in the game. It's just not relevant anymore.

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Also don't dare make statements about old school BG/IE fans. You speak for yourself, not anyone else. I am one of the most loyal and longtime fans of the BG games, and I do not consider RTwP to be even remotely important to the identity of the franchise. If you do, then in my opinion you've missed the point of what the games are actually about.

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