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Does no one remember how bad RTwP pause is? Can anyone name an RPG that has this system, where the combat is actually good?

What a load of arrogant speak. Do YOU not remember how much better RTwP is than TB? Are you unaware that TB is inferior in any party-based game? See how easy it is to throw out unsubstantiated and patently untrue words? And your words are as unsubstantiated and untrue as any.

Dragon Age: Origins, Pillars of Eternity, Tyranny, Pathfinder: Kingmaker, KOTOR, Infinity Engine games... all games with enjoyable combat. If you don't like it... well, that's just you and don't you dare pretend to be speaking for everybody else.

Meanwhile, PoE 2 added TB and it didn't help the game's sales out at all and the Steam reviews for the game didn't improve by even a single percentage point. And Torment: Numenera went with TB and the game tanked - and one of the reasons it did so is because it didn't have RTwP combat, and that made a lot of fans of Planescape: Torment angry.

So, as you can see, TB simply isn't relevant anymore. Especially not in a series that is known for its RTwP combat like Baldur's Gate is - and even more so when the game in question is the father of the RTwP genre.

None, of the Infinity Engine games had good combat in my opinion. In fact it is generally the only thing people agreed was a negative aspect of those games.

Like you said, that's your opinion. But the combat can certainly be improved from those games. Why would you think it wouldn't be? Did DA:O not improve over IE games? BG3 is the game to improve it in - while still keeping it RTwP. BG 3 should have its own take on RTwP that is better than everything done previously.

PoE and Tyranny suffer because of RTwP. POEII is better with TB due to being actually able to chain abilities and use support skills/spell effectively. Sure this is subjective, but the fact that all skills and abilities can now be used properly confirms that in terms of being able to play the character(s) you created TB is the only viable option.

Ridiculous comment. PoE II had TB added to it and it didn't improve the Steam score of the game even 1 percentage point. And sales of the game didn't improve, either. So much for TB being popular.

Dragon Age is one of the best examples of the RTwP system being ok, but its filled with trash mob fights, and only works because of the almost TB implementation. You can't play that game effectively with RT, you need to constantly pause, making it essentially a TB game in all but name.

That is a truly ridiculous thing to say. Dragon Age: Origins is one of the best RTwP games, and PC RPGs, there is - and its combat is a key part of what makes it a great game. And Dragon Age: Origins' combat is a lot more fun than D:OS 1 and 2's combat. Having trash mobs isn't a result of a combat system but of the encounter designs.

If you think DA:O is "basically TB", then let's have that "basically TB" combat in BG3 - that should satisfy all the TB fans and the RTwP fans in one go. But DA:O isn't "almost TB", it's a really good implementation of RTwP. It sounds to me like you don't have a good conception of what RTwP is.

Fallout 3... well as much fun as VATS was, it is a compromise and it make real time useless, and there lead to playing it as TB almost required. FO4 proves how bad VATS is when you cant stop it, and 76 nails the point home.

Who uses VATS while playing F3? It's pointless. F3 is a real-time game with a pointless VATS system that a person can use for novelty. It RTwP isn't its combat style, FPS is..

KoTOR. Maybe the best RTwP combat system ever made. And again its because it leans of TB roots, and combat sequencing that is essentially TB in execution.

Again, your comments show that you don't have a solid understanding of what RTwP is. And so I have to question whether you've actually played these games you mention. RTwP is built on-top of TB rounds. RTwP is an evolution and improvement over TB.

For DnD TB is the only logical option.

You should have told that to 1999 BioWare. No doubt, they would have been so successful if all IE games had been TB. Oh wait, they have a TB combat mode and yet people play them in RTwP mode. Clearly, RTwP is preferred to TB.

If you like RTwP, I get it and I am sorry that you're unhappy. But it's been 20 years and much has changed. Complaining about it not being in the game, would be akin to complaining that thac0 is no longer in the game. It's just not relevant anymore.

You're out of the loop. Despite its rough launch, Pathfinder: Kingmaker has done really well and is getting a sequel that people are excited for. Torment: Numenera was TB and people were angry and the game tanked. TB was added to PoE 2 and nobody cared - because TB just isn't relevant anymore.

Also don't dare make statements about old school BG/IE fans. You speak for yourself, not anyone else.

Congratulations on making the most hypocritical post possible. You should have considered your own advice before you made your post where you asserted a bunch of bogus claims pretending that you spoke for everybody.

Your post is entirely biased opinion asserted as though you speak for everybody, when you are clearly only speaking for yourself, and seemingly from a perspective of not even being very familiar with what RTwP is.

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