@ Robmyz

only speak for yourself man !

RTCOMBAT is soo much better than the stupid and boring TB combat.

I don t want to fight vs bugs every time and look +wait till the shit moves towards me. I want so smash little minions and stop the game and make rly important decisions at bossfights or at an ambush. Thats the real feeling of a GOOD RPG. Not this sleeping like TB games. Bec. of that and other facts i rly do not like dos 1+2 and now i was hyped bec. of my beloved baldurs gate +new game+.
And what do we get? a DOS 2 rip off.

Please larian, rename it DOS 3 and its ok, but pretty please...do not ruin the name of baldurs gate with your TB combat and +funny+ humore and lame music+graphic stuff.