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Well i dont think larian must change their plans for this game...

Speaking of Fallout even if it not exaxtly the same thing... remember Fo 1 et 2 was turn based for combat. When the third opus of the franchise came out many of "self proclamed true fans" go into absolutely mad bad buzz... because the turn by turn gameplay was gived up.

Here ... for larian it's the opposite. They cant please everyone. It s impossible.

The worse part of it ... if BG3 happen to be just a remastered version of old BG games... not sure it will make good sell in 2020.
Dont forget... angry geeks are usually the more audible of the internet but they're not always illustrative of the whole community. Think about it... how many actual players exept old ones have played BG 1 and 2? Not so many i think.

Nobody wants a remastered BG1 or BG2. When Half-Life 2 came out, was it just a remastered Half-Life 1? When The Witcher 3 came out, was it just a remastere The Witcher 2? Of course not. So, why would a BG3 simply be a remastered BG1 or BG2? If BG3 has TB combat, does that mean it's just a remastered D:OS? Actually, it looks like it's just a remastered D:OS2. But it shouldn't.

BioWare said that Dragon Age: Origins was the spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate - their own take on the BG style made without a D&D license. Was it just a remastered Baldur's Gate? Of course not. But it did contain RTwP combat and its combat had improved massively over Baldur's Gate's combat. DA:O is a contender for having the most fun combat system in PCRPG history - and its combat is RTwP.

Larian don't have to please everyone. They have to make a game for the series they have chosen to make a game for - and Baldur's Gate is THE father of the RTwP genre and is THE game that should present the next evolution for the RTwP genre. What Larian are doing by adding TB combat and not RTwP to a supposed "BG3" is disgraceful.

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RTwP had nearly no upgrade since 2000... Of course it's nearly impossible to quote about a "good" RTwP game except Baldur's Gate 1 and 2.

If you think that, then I have to suspect that you haven't played any RTwP games since 2000. Because RTwP has evolved many times over since 2000. Give Dragon Age: Origins a try. It has wonderful RTwP combat that's a lot more fun than either D:OS or D:OS2's combat.

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