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Give Dragon Age: Origins a try. It has wonderful RTwP combat that's a lot more fun than either D:OS or D:OS2's combat.

Well i think it s a matter of individual tastes.
I like bioware games but no... not for everyone. I prefer DoS 2 gameplay style than DAO one.

For me the "combat engine" turn by turn or rt is not what make the heart of an IP. The Lore, the characters do. For me at least.

So even if i understand that people who like rtwp are sad... i continue to have faith about the good storytelling and immersion that larian had prove they are good to provide.

Maybe this is why we do not agree. You put the BG name before all... i m here to play to an Larian game because their previous games was for me again... the best ot the genre this last years, even if the game was not a BG title it was the same for me. Actually... with players tendancy to idolising their old IP... we ll agreed with the fact than larian had better to let BG die , too risky, and stick up with DoS. Not for the same reason... many old fans are mad about their beloves IP change in some way they dont like. I m worried about my actual favorite rpg game dev company. They dont have the shoulders like bigs studios to deal with a huge bad buzz.

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