Look, I get it.

They have decided to go for a combat system that works for other games, even in the core of D&D rules it works that way, but in my case I don't play any game turn based cause I find it really boring. Everything seems to move very slow and you come in and out from combats thinking that was kind of "another" game inside the actual game (I just talk for personal experience and opinion and I understand not everyone shares).

When it comes to BG I'd have at least expected to have the same rules as the previous games: A choice between RTwP or TB so you can choose and it will clearly make everyone happy (at least on that area).

I think Larian thought about this when they got together for the first time to work on the game. I get that there is a time frame to release the game and they have a lot of work to do still, but things like this should have been considered long ago. If they were, that means they knew it would reach this stage in which people will be disappointed but expected to sell anyways.

I'm a huge fan of BG1, SoA, BG2, ToB, IWD etc etc cause I fell in love with those mechanics and I believe that If they do not want to work on this issues that can make a huge difference for the buyers, sells will be at risks, but again, this is my opinion.