TLDR - RTWP is you giving commands (movement AND actions) to your characters and the AI determining how well it is carried out whereas Turn based has you EXECUTING movements and actions INSTANTLY where you have FULL control without a poorly designed AI (pathing) interfering with your planned actions and also increases party diversity because GOOD players of RTWP figured out decades ago that having a primarily ranged party with maybe 2 melee tanks to bottleneck the enemy is the most efficient way to play every combat EVERY RTWP game....cause AI pathing sucks in EVERY RTWP game. And Auto-pause does NOT fix this, only furiously pausing multiple times a second to make sure move commands (or attack commands relying on movement/proximity) arent deviated from for unforeseen reasons such as body blocking a pathing scenario, etc for a second or 2.

So, my input into this is simple: Real time w/ pause (even auto pause to simulate turn based) is just too restrictive and irritating at times due to poor AI. Things such as pathing can screw up your commands to the AI leading to wasted time which translates into either lost damage, lost efficiency, or increased damage taken, or loss of an advantageous position but not because of anything you did, because of poor AI. The prime example with Real Time w/ Pause (abbreviated to RTWP) problems is when it comes to bottle-necked doorways or tight corridors where you give a command but because 1 of your characters or an enemy is temporarily in the way, the AI party starts walking in weird/different directions as the AI attempts to figure out how to path through.

Attacks likewise that require AI pathing can get messed up sometimes and in EVERY RTWP game the ideal (overly simplistic) party is a group of ranged damage dealers (as many as possible) with only the bare minimum tanks to bottleneck the enemy - usually 2 suffices. This is NOT interesting or intelligent enough to be engaging anymore or after you've played your 10th RTWP game with the same AI pathing issues.

It's 1 thing of your plan fails because of your chosen actions, its entirely another if the AI doesnt execute your actions as you input them because it just straight up sucks, leading to your plan failing. i'd rather have that control in my hands and do it myself. It also leads to more viability in more melee-heavy parties as the pathing issues dont force you to go primarily ranged to take advantage of the poor AI the enemies also have. Last game i played that had RTWP was Pillars of Eternity 2 and it STILL had AI pathing issues so the AI tech has not come a long way yet and tbh, after they released the turn based patch early this year - it became a MUCH more enjoyable experience, and less annoying. So from practical experience, turn based is just the preferred combat method unless AI is drastically improved to make the player feel more in control rather than the AI putzing around.