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"Normally we do try out a lot. Normally we try out a lot before we make a decision, but with real-time with pause and turn-based we didn't, we just said "Okay it's just gonna be turn-based."

Exactly what I said.

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I think Larian thought about this when they got together for the first time to work on the game. I get that there is a time frame to release the game and they have a lot of work to do still, but things like this should have been considered long ago. If they were, that means they knew it would reach this stage in which people will be disappointed but expected to sell anyways.

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So that, I think, is one of our strengths, and trying out real-time with pause for now, just because the originals were that? It's a big risk. Because the team would have to think completely differently, our combat would be completely different. And we didn't really feel good about that

I also understand that they did not feel good with RTwP Mechanics, but that does not mean everyone will like this system.

It is true that they might be good with TB mechanics cause they have already work with it, but bringing another episode of a saga in which something as basic as the combat system is completely different... you might disappoint fans on the way and I guess you can actually see that on this thread.