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Interview with with Larian's David Walgrave, executive producer on Baldur's Gate 3,


"You changed some stuff. Baldur's Gate 1 and 2 had "real-time with pause" combat, you've gone turn-based. The camera is that sort of third-person-isometric hybrid...

Walgrave: It's 2020!

Now that's an idiotic response. Nevermind that TB is even older than RTwP and RTwP was created to be an evolution of TB, and that RTwP continues to be an evolution of TB even in 2020.

Here's a translation of Walgrave's response: WotC saw sales figures for D:OS2 and Larian heard the sound of money at the idea of exploiting the Baldur's Gate fanbase and greed overcame them.

There is obviously no integrity or concern for what's the best fit in 2020 behind this decision.

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Sure baldurs gate 2 did have that, but because of limitaitons of the time.

Where did you get that idea from? It's wrong. There were loads of TB PC games out when BG invented RTwP, and BG's RTwP system actually calculates rounds in the background. It would have been less work for BioWare to go full TB-only in BG than to implement RTwP. But James Ohlen wanted Baldur's Gate to be real-time and Ray Muzyka wanted it to be turn-based, and so they created a system that caters to fans of both styles. There was never a factor of technical limitations at play, and if there had been it would have been simpler to just implement TB.

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"It was never really a question," Baldur's Gate III design producer David Walgrave said, according to USG. "We've been doing turn-based for a while now. We're pretty good at it. Dungeons & Dragons is turn-based in itself, so it makes a lot of sense."

In other words, we're doing turn based because we already know turn based, and in our unknowledgeable viewpoint, we think this is how D&D is supposed to be, so we're just going to shoehorn it in.

So, it was a cash-grab move from Larian from the start.

And with that comment, Walgrave is essentially stating that Larian isn't a talented studio but is a one-hit wonder / one-trick pony. No studio with confidence in its talents would claim 'this is what we're good at so it's all we're going to stick to, even when the project plainly calls for something else'. If they couldn't do service to the project, then they should have passed on it. Why didn't they? Money, obviously. What they're doing is unethical and is wrong by the IP and wrong by the fans of the series.

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