Chris Tapsell: Baldur's Gate 1 and 2 had "real-time with pause" combat, you've gone turn-based.
David Walgrave: It's 2020! ... Normally we try out a lot before we make a decision, but with real-time with pause and turn-based we didn't, we just said "Okay it's just gonna be turn-based."
David Walgrave: Look, it's glorious 3D. It has really nice cinematics ... So to me it's a good sequel.

So "Divinity Original Sin 3" is now should be pronounced "Baldur's Gate 3". Well, OK.

Oh boy, another good game series get to the dead end of "modernising". After Elder Scrolls, Gothic, Neverwinter, HoMM, Disciples, Dawn of War, Medal of Honor, Civilization, Stronghold, Command & Conquer and many more. Yes, yes, you will say that some of them are very popular now in that new dresses and makeups and I will agree. I just old and I remember them, when they were younger, cleverer and more interesting to be with, somehow.

I don't even want to get into polemics about UI, half empty bottom bar, this useless top plate "In Combat" with red outline, as if I don't have eyes and don't understand that it is a combat, not a dialogue. That minimap with coordinates; local elves are not even in a glimpse of discovery of how to build a skateboard and yet somehow have fully assisted GPS with tracking.

The future advertisements (and today impressionable journalists) will say that all changes are for the best, and Larian moving old outdated genre to a whole new level... Of what? They only write this because they need something clever to write. If something is presented properly, overloadness with details becomes variability, something that peoples never need becomes the only thing to have, and part of the series that makes it great becomes an obsolete part we need to get rid of (and replace with whatever we have now in our pocket, yeah).

I won't buy Baldur's Gate 3 not because it is bad game. No, it is potentially very good and interesting RPG. I won't buy it because it is just too different from the old Infinity-engine masterpiece that I'm sure many players here love very much. I just don't need another "Original Sin". I have played two already.

Imagine, that Starcraft III will get combat mechanics from Heroes of Might and Magic III. Or DOOM 6 is out with vast dialogues and gentle look to the internal feminine personality of the main character. It will be a weird future. No reasonable continuity of the established line, no care about decades of heritage.

Artists and story-makers surely paying attention to those important things. But producers don't. "It is easier to make game turn-based because we already have a large part of the code from other game? Oh good, we will use it, then". They don't need to care about heritage, they just in a business of making money out of peoples, who waisting their time playing virtual toys.

Yesterday is was fashionable to have RTwP, today public prefers Turn-Based. It is irrelevant that you, yes - you prefers RTwP combat. Opinion of a person don't matter. They operate with bigger numbers, percentages, masses of peoples. It is not because they hate you - they simply don't need to care, what individuals write in this small corner of the Internet.

It is perfectably understandable, that the studio constantly searching different ways to minimize production costs. They have found one. Now they will convince people through repeated advertising that "this product" is exactly as the old one, except that company make it even better. Larian is not unique in this - pretty much everybody else doing it the same way.

Bigger crowd, bigger sales. It's not personal, Sonny...

AFTER THOUGHTS: If Larian want to create a new RPG based on improved technology they have from the previous project, and they planning to make it so radically different from "Baldur's Gate" series, that even classic combat system has been labeled as "obsolete" and already has been thrown out, why bother with old obsolete name as well? New game for the new year must have a new name. I propose the following: "D&D: Origins"; "Funky Elves - A Graphics Tale"; "Pool of Randomness" or my personal favorite "Tales of The Fans's Loss".

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