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Well at least now finally the Larian fanboys can't hide behind the lame argument that we don't know anything about the game so it can't be criticized.

No surprises for me. I was expecting a crappy game, and that's what I saw in the demo. This is just D:OS pretending to be D&D. And the claim that they have "improved" the TB combat system is the most pathetic line of all. This TB system is worse than ever. Just watching that demo of the fight against the devourers was mind-numbingly painful. I can't imagine actually playing through that shit. But the good news maybe that at least now D:OS gets to be only the second shittiest game in this genre, because at least D:OS is not a fake like this so-called BG game.

Dude, I had thought about messaging you and maybe getting you to record you reaction to the gameplay reveal.

I kinna wish I had remembered to now. Dammit.

Well right up to the end I kept a tiny little bit of hope alive that Larian would surprise me with something I could consider to be good. But now it is clear there is nothing, literally nothing, about this game that can redeem it for me. And that is very sad for me as a passionate fan of both the original BG games as well as the Forgotten Realms setting. I mean, if everything else about the game was awesome and the TB combat was the only negative, that would've been a different story. But here everything is trash. I mean, if you find a person who is unfamiliar with both the D:OS games and the original BG games/FR setting, and had them play a bit of D:OS1/2 and this game, they will surely say the games are the same. It is indisputable that this game is exactly the same as D:OS but with some kinda'-sorta' application of D&D 5e rules.

Bottom line, my reaction was actually quite anti-climactic. No freakout or anything like that. Just a profound sadness that I will be denied the ability to play a game called Baldur's Gate 3, something I've been so waiting for for 20 years.