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Does no one remember how bad RTwP pause is? Can anyone name an RPG that has this system, where the combat is actually good?
None, of the Infinity Engine games had good combat in my opinion. In fact it is generally the only thing people agreed was a negative aspect of those games.

RTwP is inferior in any party based game. You limit control, reduce the ability to use your skills, spells, and abilities, and rely on automation which weakens agency.

QFT. All those games with RTwP would actually be much better if it's turn based or just plain real time.

I tried so hard, too hard to make Poe2 and Kingmaker play great in realtime, the scripting to me was just broken though (I will surrender that perhaps if I were smarter and put in 100 hours maybe I could get there). To me it is stupid for everyone to have all these skills and they will only use them reliably when you pause and tell them to and hope that fires because your pausing in-turn, that imo completely borks realtime for me, faux TB. The one part of Real time argument I get is, you don't have lengthy battles and can quickly move through, and that is why I'm so much for good scripting AI, so when you play your guy I don't have to baby sit the others and have very good results from them, not basic attack, basic attack and just a little more than that. It's maddening, in the iso world I don't think Real Time has ever played out well, fast perhaps, but not well per move.