Certainly no one was clamoring for turn based combat during the Infinity Engine era. Baldur's Gate 1 as a game was so amazing at the time for many reasons, but RTwP was one of the big innovations. Who would have wanted to go back to turn based when we finally got to see our characters fighting? No one said, oh my God this is so chaotic, I just can't take it. That's why you pause when you need to, and issue new commands when necessary. If you don't like pause and want pure real time combat, no one is forcing you to pause either. I also assume that, programming-wise, they could add turn based combat into an RTwP game as an option. It would turn on this restrictive overlay with squares that makes characters step back and forth one at a time. You could even incorporate the turn based code into a spell, Mordenkainen's Turn Based Time Wasting, that prevents characters from doing anything other than a PE class jog in place.