Just chiming in. The looks and feel is exact DOS3. it's truly biggest letdown. It's quite obvious Larian doesn't seem to be the right developer to take on this franchise. Don't get me wrong. DOS2 was really great. I enjoyed alot on it. But I'm not expecting to play DOS3 with just a BG me tacked on it. Larian has completely ruined the franchise for me. I have no doubt on Larian capability to make fun and quality games but they failed to capture the feel and settings of baldurs gate. Keep throwing around the word D&D and table top couldn't cover the exact DOS clone. The UI, aesthetics, even the dancing animation were exact clone.

Baldurs Gate 3 no doubt will be a fun quality DOS3 but it's no baldurs gate. Maybe their art team is so accustomed to DOS that they couldnt capture the feel of forgotten realms. Maybe they should just hire a different art team.