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Well right up to the end I kept a tiny little bit of hope alive that Larian would surprise me with something I could consider to be good. But now it is clear there is nothing, literally nothing, about this game that can redeem it for me. And that is very sad for me as a passionate fan of both the original BG games as well as the Forgotten Realms setting. I mean, if everything else about the game was awesome and the TB combat was the only negative, that would've been a different story. But here everything is trash. I mean, if you find a person who is unfamiliar with both the D:OS games and the original BG games/FR setting, and had them play a bit of D:OS1/2 and this game, they will surely say the games are the same. It is indisputable that this game is exactly the same as D:OS but with some kinda'-sorta' application of D&D 5e rules.

Bottom line, my reaction was actually quite anti-climactic. No freakout or anything like that. Just a profound sadness that I will be denied the ability to play a game called Baldur's Gate 3, something I've been so waiting for for 20 years.


You had it pegged well early.

I watched that first video of the Sven guy running around his office like a dork in a crown after acquiring the D&D license, and what that looked like... but I'll admit I was still around 50-50 they'd at least be able to come up with something that looks like BG and might be worth our time.

But then watching that reveal... it's honestly exactly what I should have expected from the start.

NBD though. There's always something new coming out.