To impute greed to Larian/Swen is the most ridiculous thing ever.

He and his team have a vision and that might look different from yours - and to be honest, I also see some issues and IMHO Larian did not do itself a favor to take on BG and apply its own philosophy to it, b/c of diehard BG-fans of which there are many.
But nonetheless lets not lose control over our horses here: Swen makes great RPG games; but fans are greedy themselves. Fans often dont want to evolve and/or change and/or iterate and I can totally relate to that. As I implied here and said elsewhere: This game is called BG but as far as I can tell from 15 Min of pre-alpha(!) it seems more like NWN or even DOS:D&D.
BUT it is still - despite all cries of naysayers - going to be a great D&D game with some Larian philosophy woven in. Just maybe not „good old BG“.
If packaging means more than content to you ... well, maybe you want to rethink your priorities, ignore the - in some peoples opinion not so appropriate - game title and play a still great D&D game (which seems to stay very true to the rule set I might add, which is very important to me).

"I don't make games to make money, I make money to make games". (Swen Vincke)