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Yes this is capitalism so all artistic endeavours are polluted by greed to some degree, just like the rest of society, but I really don't think it's as severe in this case as you're making out.

Quite. It is about money because it has to be: there's no point in going for a level of artistic purity that will have such niche appeal that it'll put them out of business. Some may disagree and there's certainly no shortage of celebrated artists who died paupers to demonstrate that point. But I think in most cases there has to be a balance. I don't see Larian is skirting the territory of insert-publisher-you-love-to-hate in terms of squeezing a franchise until the pips squeak; perhaps that might be seen as a "well you would say that, wouldn't you?" but I'm neither an employee nor a (particularly rabid, anyway) fangirl. I'd like to think just someone with realistic expectations, though I admit I'll still gripe if I don't get what I want!

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