I don't usually frequent these forums very often. But I had to come and write abit.

Let me first start by saying, that I played the original BG's on release and that I am a D&D fan. I am most likely due to nostalgia, abit biased towards RTwP. But when looking at this game I think TB makes perfectly sense, this is good progression and it sparks my interest, even more so because I felt like it look like we could do the "If you can think it, you can do it) approach.

I look forward to this game and I trust Larian to do a good job, they actually strike me as a studio that cares about lore and setting, they are a good suit for this. Ty Larian for your tiresome fight to get this into reality, this is something many fans forget, without you we might not have a game like this, nor progression.. What was the alternative? another Dragonspear like game? no ty.