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Failure to meet your individual expectations you mean I guess.

It's funny: reading threads here gives the impression that a majority dislikes the current state of BG3.
Yet, if you read threads on Twitter it's the complete opposite.

It seems that BG grognards (no offense) don't use Twitter too much but prefer to post in forums while more casual (no offense) RPG players seem to use Twitter (and maybe other platforms I don't use frequently).

Also, the mobile version of this forum is really bad, jeez...

Social media networks are big fans of censorship so you can't rely on visible feedback to tell if your product has been well received in total. For example, to me Twitter seems to be pedophiles' (both closeted and self-admitted) preferred social media platform but you need to conduct a study if you want conclusive answers. The question is: Does anyone care about the negative feedback? There are lots of D:OS players so the game will sell lots of copies regardless of how much resemblance it bears to the previous ones.