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Well its funny because those opinions that get drowned out are the pro TB ones by hordes of 5 post new accounts screaming for RTWP.

and comparing this to a liberals censoring conservatives argument....
RTWP always seemed to be the system of progressives when you look at PoE, Siege of Dragonspear or Nu-Bioware : ^)

just to trigger you a bit

I don't see why I should be triggered as I'm not even remotely "conservative". Depends on what you'd like to conserve but frankly my list isn't very long. You see pro-TB opinions being drowned out, others might see threads and comments that suggest the contrary so none of that allows us to draw definitive conclusions about the community as a whole. A well-made poll might have but obviously it's too late now since all the important design decisions appear to have already been made.

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I remember every single encounter from both Divinity OS games. Every single one.

So do I. Mostly because every single encounter was agonizingly long. On the other hand, I couldn't tell you much about the story because the overwhelming majority of the hours I've clocked in together with my buddy can be chalked up to taking turns fighting monsters. Sure, multiplayer is different but I didn't notice the pace picking up when I switched to single player mode. Maybe they'll tone it down a notch for BG3? Sure would be great.