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I simply cannot see how people prefer it over the turn-based combat system.

Because RTwP is fun.

RTwP is faster paced.
RTwP is more realistic.
RTwP doesn't make you constantly wait.
RTwP allows larger scale battles.

D&D tabletop players also imagine that combat is happening in real time and not playing out like fantasy kabuki theater. So why not try to make combat in a CRPG, that has a visual representation of the world and characters, simulate reality as closely as possible?

I mean, I also like turn-based combat, but I don't want every damn CRPG to be turn-based, for these very reasons. Especially not my favorite IP, which is Baldur's Gate.

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the time I lost by having to reload because my companions ran into my Fireball/Flamestrike/Bladebarrier

Have you tried being honest with yourself and just turning down the difficulty slider?