I think my primary reason for wanting RTwP over Turn Based is that in Turn Based games you HAVE to micromanage the actions of EVERY party member, EVERY round. Atleast, that is my experience with every Turn-Based game I have played. While every RTwP game I have ever played has always included an AI system so that you can generally let the party manage themselves for a couple rounds. Maybe people like micromanaging every party member, every round. I don't. If I was only micromanaging my own character, I would be more fine with Turn Based, but it looks like that is only the case in Multiplayer.

Ofcourse, as I have said before, RTwP is only as good as the A) precoded AI, and B) how thorough you make the pause settings. For example, PoE had very poor AI options, but decent default pause settings. So you can't put half-effort into writing the AI.