Honestly for me, I can work with TB or RTwP. I've played both and both offer something to enjoy, so I'm not too concerned about it with this game.

Generally, I find RTwP a more energetic style of combat with a larger sense of agency. It also tends to be absolute and total chaos where even the best tactics ultimately break down and which character is doing what and at what stage becomes almost impossible to discern (and at high levels when the most powerful spells are flying, good luck even finding your characters in the visual maelstrom of it all lol).

I find TB a much more glacial, plodding approach with excitement occurring in fits and bursts. It also lends itself far better to a tactical, thinking approach and is (to me) far, far easier to manage and track party actions. Something that truly helps augment the innate dullness of TB is a soundtrack of supreme quality and excellent sound and visual design for the actions when they do occur.

Basically, RTwP is a rock concert, while TB is a stage musical.