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By the way guys... Baldurs Gate was always turnbased in its core -> but not super slow!
Please explain me why the hell pausable realtime (with turn mechanics like bg always was!!!) is bad ad all?
For a turnbased player there is no difference if you first press space on your own or the game does it for you automatically

It's not just a matter of pressing space. RTwP is technically still turn based (under the hood), just turns are processed continuously and simultaneously, which obviously results in it being real time. TB on the other hand staggers out this process to be a single turn at a time, making it much more drawn out and imo somewhat of a snoozefest.

Bottom line: RTwP is just much more engaging due to fluidity and the core idea that you only slow down the games tempo when you need to, while TB doesn't give you that choice and simply sets it to a fixed slow speed (you can still do your turns quicker, but waiting for AI turns and the fact that they are not done in paralel makes it inherently slower). TB does deliver on this puzzle-like engagement that it's acolytes love, but frankly I just don't see what's there is to love about TB. Well done RTwP can be played in TB mode if the player really wants to, but without all the drawbacks of being exclusively TB. Also RTwP can be just as difficult and satisfying as TB, but without all the frustrations and time wasting.