To be honest, looking at the reveal and their past statements it sounds like Larian are having serious game design issues. Any game studio relies on a set of keys disciplines such as: Tech, Art, Design, UR/UX. There are ofc subdivisions and etc (like level design), but generally these 4 are the ones you can't make a good game without.

With emphasis we've been seeing on CGI trailers and "dialogues like dragon age" I think it's safe to say that they are spending a good chunk of provided budget on Art department (which imo is not bad by itself, but should have never been the first priority).

Tech department seems to be doing not so good - they are after all reusing old engine (and this is probably one of the reasons why they went with TB and why the demo resembles DOS so much) and they do have technical issues like non-functional saves (whic I'm guessing they broke while trying to cram in the dnd ruleset).

Larian's UR/UX doesn't worry me as much, since they didn't put out any abhorrent UI jobs as of yet, and seem to be generally doing well.

But design seems to be in big trouble. Larian is known to try things in past, but what people forget to mention is that while they try new things and some of them really work, they always seem to lack any polish. And since DOS it seems even that creativity is gone and all they do now is TB, but even sticking to 1 type of gameplay is not helping - both DOS and DOS2 had balance issues, numerous design loopholes, inept crafting systems, questionably fun combat. Was it fun because it was well polished or because it was just new and unique (for a time) due to the use of environment and interactions with surfaces and substances? For me this novelty worn of by DOS2 to be honest, and combat felt stale and boring. But even then, they do have some of the good ideas crop up here and there (like source, which is fun in theory), they just never really polish them. I was expecting to see significant improvement in DOS2 to the combat and crafting, but they pulled a pretty typical Larian thing - got sidetracked adding origin characters, tags, source, while neglecting core combat gameplay. What's worse to me DOS2 combat felt somehow even more stale and boring than DOS - probably due to AP changes (but maybe more).

I'd be seriously concerned for their systems design - it seems like it suffers from ADHD and can't really finish and polish anything, instead just chaotically leaps from one thought to another, barely seeing it through. At least they are allegedly using DnD 5e, so at least they won't have to be really creative this time around - but then again, they did say that they want to do "their take on it" so I'm worried it will be again barely finished and without any polish whatsoever.

I'm also concerned with writing - while it clearly evolved since early Larian days, and I quite love it, it does have a very specific flavor to it. And they did talk about "telling a story with their twist on it", so I'm concerned it will just be DOS3 but in Forgotten Realms. BG had much darker tone than Larian is accustomed to and not nearly as much humor (which was also quite darker).

I find it worrying that "cinematic" dialogues and upgraded graphics are taking the spotlight in most of the promotion and a lot of other media. This is not what BG was about. It was never, in fact, about mass effect/dragon age esque cinematic experience, it was first and foremost about Gorion's Ward and their party. I also disagree with their opinion that BG was always about, well, the city of Baldur's Gate. In fact you didn't even spend all that much time in the city. Sure, some chapters happened in there, but you traveled far and wide. It was always about Gorion's Ward, Minsc, Boo, Dynaheir, Kzar, Monterion, and many other companions, about Baal and his legacy and other adjacent things. Them saying "it was always about the city" just rings false to me and sounds more like an attempted to justify whatever we will find in the story. It worries me that they are already setting up justifications for BG3 being anything but.

Also they like to harp on missing attacks in RPGs and how bad it is, but it's really fake news:missing an attack only blows in TB, because with it's snail pace every attack feels much more important. RTwP has no such issue, as well as any other non TB rpg gameplay - misses are inconsequential most of the time and just serve as one of the knobs to tune dps/fight duration, and some more advanced things. Failed rolls and missed attack have never been a "problem", except when you make your bed with TB and now suddenly mundane miss chances become frustrating. And then when you absolutely want to hit that 1 important attack there is always stuff like true strike, etc. to make sure you do.

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