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[quote=Delicieuxz]while not delivering on what it represents

You mean not making some of the design decisions that you want.

No, I meant that Larian are using the Baldur's Gate original PC series' title while not delivering on what the Baldur's Gate series represents. The Baldur's Gate series, like every series, has an identity. And there is no similarity with that identity, in style, gameplay, tone, environment, in Larian's shown "BG3". Larian's "BG3" is entirely a different thing, just taking place in Forgotten Realms BG area and using a D&D ruleset.

There's Baldur's Gate, the city, and then there's Baldur's Gate, the specific original PC series. Larian can make any kind of game they like involving the city Baldur's Gate and that's fine - but if it isn't faithful to the original PC Baldur's Gate series then it has no right and business being called "Baldur's Gate 3", which is a claim that it is a part of that original PC Baldur's Gate series (which Larian's "BG3" isn't).