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Hello! BG fan here. I am here to tell you that what I saw was a Baldur's Gate game.
I have wanted more Baldur's Gate since 2001 and I am very happy that I will at last be able to get that.

Then tell me what was baldurs gate on what you saw. What besides the name?

A dark story set on the Sword Coast around Baldur's Gate that I know will revolve around an Illithid invasion. Even more so there were mentions of the hells even early in the game and I am sure that our travels will take us there again.
A perfect evolution of gameplay mechanics to capture the DnD rules.

And this is with only the very little information that has been released so far.

So an idea is for you already baldurs gate enough? You dont mention anything about the gameplay.

Volo was such an iconic character...

Capturing the dnd rules with Level 1 rangers making firearrows on their own and especially one entire group first, than the other? Thats not at all D&D. Its their marketing that it is, but what makes it D&D? That theyre using dices or the name of spells?

Yes, I say that the gameplay seems to be a perfect evolution. To me it looked much more like a DnD computer game than BG1 & 2 ever did (I replay them every 2-3 years becuase they are great games in many ways, but not all, and I am a huge fan).
Volo is an iconic character, in my opinion and in others. I mean he is up there with Elminster.

That your opinion is that it is nothing Baldur's Gate have nothing to do with my opinion. My best friend that have loved BG1&2 as long as I have, we played them a lot when they were released, are also of the opinion that this is BG3. So, you are clearly voicing your opinion and not some fact that all BG fans agrees with.