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Tech department seems to be doing not so good - they are after all reusing old engine

The game engine has been, and is being, significantly updated (moreso than from Dragon Commander to D:OS or D:OS to D:OS 2).

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and why the demo resembles DOS so much

The graphics for the character models, environment, etc, are all improved, the camera system has been updated (some of which is in progress).

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technical issues like non-functional saves (whic I'm guessing they broke while trying to cram in the dnd ruleset)

With significant overhauls of the engine, things like the save system have to be redone, as well. It isn't just the in-game mechanics that changed. The same was the case with the previous games, though it was mostly functional in the prototype builds when D:OS and D:OS 2 were first shown, in or leading into the respective Kickstarters.

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And since DOS it seems even that creativity is gone and all they do now is TB

Since D:OS all we've done is RPGs, as well. If that's an argument for RTwP, it's an argument to be creative with the genre, as well.

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both DOS and DOS2 had balance issues

And Divine Divinity's end game...

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Also they like to harp on missing attacks in RPGs and how bad it is

The only people I've seen harping on that are those who think any concern over missing too much means the enviable destruction of the entire system.
A single miss is slower in turn based, but real time combat can be slow, tedious and/or annoying with too much missing, as well.

Ok, I'm just concerned if the old engine will be ok. DOS2 had some issues, in particular save file corruption, I hope that will be fixed.

When I said "resembles DOS" I didn't mean art assets. I meant gameplay. Sure you now have your 1 action and 1 bonus action, but in general it felt and played just like DOS2.

Saves bit was just odd to me - I thought it'd be a priority to have it working for demo.

Creativity wise - yes and no. I wouldn't mind seeing something completely new from Larian. And I don't agree that sticking to RPG but trying something new instead of TB for gameplay is not creative. Making yet another TB RPG that follows pretty much same formula (TB, interactive environment for combat purposes, surface effect like oil, etc.) though is definitely not creative. What's worse it sets a trend for Larian of making everything they do since DOS into this template.

Yes, DOS, DOS2, and everything before. It doesn't really counter my point, only proves it. Larian gameplay always lacked polish and balance, as if their design dpt doesn't care or just is not capable of it.

Well, tbh I thrown in misses just for a good measure. Misses are fine in RPGs.