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Then tell me what was baldurs gate on what you saw. What besides the name?

Maybe it is or isn't more BG. But DOS was more D&D than BG ever was, even without things like "magic missile" and "Vorpal swords" or whatever, Combining the unparalleled D&D type game of DOS with actual D&D rules is only sweeter.

Saying D:OS was more D&D than BG is just plain silly and only serves to hurt your credibility. Heck even Swen himself would never try to make such a preposterous claim.

BG1 & 2 had the races, the items, the spells, etc,of D&D. So, obviously, it's more in line with D&D that way. But RTwP? Sorry. That's not D&D.

So, Baldur's Gate 1 and 2 aren't D&D? Of course they are. They calculate rounds in the background while providing a more immersive real-time experience.

A PC video game isn't a table-top game. And it isn't being played with a human DM. It's an adapted experience and isn't beholden exclusively to table-top format because it literally isn't a table-top format.

And "Baldur's Gate 3" is a statement that a game is the third entry in specifically the Baldur's Gate series, and not just general D&D. The Baldur's Gate series is a specific presentation of D&D-based gameplay. There are responsibilities to live up to the Baldur's Gate series name, and Larian aren't showing that they're living up to those responsibilities.