Voicing one's opinion (and be it totally weird): ok. As long as one keeps being reasonable: why not?

But this sentence: "[...] but i'm glad he's no longer around to see this title" is incredibly pathetic and low.

This is a game. A game. On a computer. It doesn't matter how many hours you put into it and how fond your childhood memories about it are. Those are merely games. Get your act together!

Seriously - what is wrong with you people?

Say what you like or don't like - but can't you do it in a decent manner? Have you to resort to such low moves to make your points? It's so saddenig to see grown up people throwing a tantrum like this over and over and over again and acting like somebody deeply hurt them intentionally by trying to make a computer game.

Why on earth did you think that your statement would be better with this ugly sentence? I just imagine I said something like that and then some day my mom would read it...